Balancing Writing and Medicine with Lydia Kang

Lydia Kang
Lydia Kang
Lydia Kang

Author Lydia Kang balances two careers: In addition to writing adult and young adult fiction, as well as nonfiction, she’s also a doctor. Lydia never thought of herself as a writer, though she was intrigued by writing, until she began to use it to deal with some of her experiences on the job, which eventually led her to try fiction. Her novels include The Impossible Girl and Opium and Absinthe, and one of the things we talk about today is how her nonfiction work has influenced her fiction. We also talk about writing about pandemics, her move from the East Coast to Nebraska, and how her writing and her medical practice balance each other out.

You can have multiple facets of yourself; that does not negate your ability as a professional in whatever job that you do.

Lydia Kang

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