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Emily T's watercolor of a whale

Hi Nancy – I admit I was really scared to listen to the podcast with me. I hate hearing my own voice. but it was okay! and in listening I realized I really threw a lot at you! and you responded so very helpfully. I just wanted to thank you again for your insight and vision.

Hearing my own story helped me actually understand things more, funny how we know, but we don’t really know. Our conversation really gave me perspective.

so thanks, so very much.

Emily T.

Nancy has a lot of ideas about how to make writing easier and more creative. She accepts what is shared with positive, supportive comments. Even though I’m writing a memoir I got several ideas about how to get unstuck and to value my writing without being judgmental.


Nancy was the most supportive instructor I have had for an online class. Her material was current and creative. When things were posted on our special Facebook page she always commented with something positive. I felt supported and free to post my writings, sensing I would not be judged in any way. This course is for anyone who needs to see their creative self in a different light.

Jamie Lyn Weaver

Nancy does a wonderful job of giving practical and inspirational guidance on shifting the energy in our lives and moving toward a life of joy!

Marianne Cirone

Nina Hart by Nicole McConville

I’m a writer, and Nancy’s coaching fit me like a glove. She understands the idiosyncrasies of artists so well. Her “reframes” are expert – she always helped me turn around beliefs that don’t suit me anymore. She was also miraculously able to retrieve the perfect story, fable, or quote that fit my situation; which also freed me from my limited thinking. Lastly, she made me laugh and I left our calls feeling so much lighter and brighter and hopeful. Highly recommend.

—Nina Hart, author of Somewhere In a Town You Never Knew Existed Somewhere

Nina Hart

I am sad that this class is coming to an end, because it has inspired and sustained my on-going work and personal journey in so many wonderful ways. “Thank you from the bottom of my feet!” as Winnie the Pooh would say.

—Isabel P., Modern-Day Muse Group Participant


Nancy Norbeck and Kaizen Muse Creativity Coaching go together like a hand in glove. I’ve witnessed Nancy’s own considerable creative talents soar using KMCC tools and methods. Her thoughtful, caring, coaching style and warm sense of humor and wit help her clients rediscover their own joy and success in the creative process. I highly recommend Nancy as a guide to a more fulfilling creative life.

— Paula Boyd Farrington, KMCC Coach

Paula Boyd Farrington

Alison Green

I truly enjoyed working with Nancy, who is wonderfully patient and kind. She met me where I was on my creative journey and helped me to envision where I wanted to go next. I’m sure it’s no coincidence that in the time we were working together I found the courage to leave an unfulfilling day job and am now spending much more of my time doing the things I’m most passionate about.

— Alison Green, knitting designer and editor

Alison Green