The Silver Child

Cover for The Silver ChildMaia Starfield is on the run, having successfully hidden her ability to create silver just by singing—until government thugs arrived to take her away. Her mother sent her out the door just in time, giving her only one piece of advice: Find Dr. Martus.

Albert Martus has no idea why Maia was sent to find him—the doctor who delivered her 17 years ago. But from the moment she turns up, his story becomes intertwined with hers…as it has been since before she was born.

Follow this unlikely team as they discover the truth about the past and their present, the regime known as the Brotherhood, and the magical and ordinary power they each carry deep inside.

“Nancy Norbeck’s THE SILVER CHILD shows us a fantasy world that is all too real, ruled by a modern Inquisition that seeks to control minds and wipe out history. Maia, the Silver Child of the title, is a natural magician who has only the faintest awareness of her powers. More important, she is alive, a vividly drawn teenage girl who must discover who she is in a time of terror. The story is big, the characters both heroic and sweet.” ~Rachel Pollack, World Fantasy Award and Arthur C. Clarke Award-winning novelist

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Check out the opening of the book below:

Nancy Norbeck’s first novel, “The Silver Child” is a wonderful novel.  I had a hard time putting it down.  It has parts of dystopia, fantasy, mystery, and adventure.  The two main characters, a seventeen year old girls and a doctor in his 50s, are interesting and feel as if they could really happen.

Maia is a girl who can spin silver when she sings.  Her parents have tried to keep this a secret from the ruling government, the Brotherhood, who control everything.  She runs to Dr. Martus, the doctor who delivered her.  Together they try to find out what her ability means and why the Brotherhood wants to find her.

The writing is very good, a page turner. The characters, not just the main ones, are interesting and well written.  Lovers of The Hunger Games, The Giver, and the Divergent series will be drawn to this story and these characters.  I could see a movie being made of this novel.

I am looking forward to the next installment in Maia’s and Dr. Martus’ story.

~Judge, 24th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards

Sample reader reviews: This coming of age story grabs you from the beginning, Maia is not only a blessed being, but a normal teenager with angst and doubt and confusion. I appreciated her humanness, even with an heroic superpower. The Inquisition-type future government appealed to my paranoid nature, well-written and real enough to make me hope we never go down such a path in our own evolution as a civilization. Kudos to Ms. Norbeck for this bright and engaging first novel.” ~E. Townsend,

THE SILVER CHILD by Nancy Norbeck is very suspenseful. I like the alternating chapters: Maia, Martus, etc. Weaving the story between Maia and Martus helps propel the narrative along and creates suspense. The novel is ‘hard to put down,’ and I constantly wanted to know what would happen next. The simile of helicopters like unused marionettes is clever. I love the title, also, and wanted to know what is was all about. I enjoyed reading this novel very much, and hope Ms. Norbeck will write another novel or other novels! She has a wonderful and clever imagination; she is a very talented and skilled author!~Chris S.,

“This is listed as ‘young adult’ but as an ‘older adult’ I found so much here that touched my inner imagination as well as my heart. I thoroughly enjoyed this and as another reviewer said, I couldn’t put it down. We were on a bus trip to Montreal when I started reading this and had to tear myself away every day to get off of the bus! I found myself caring deeply for the main characters of Maia and Martus, and was pulling for them both through the entire book. There is just enough magic here to make the plot seem purely magical rather than far-fetched (as I so often find in books about future times).” ~Anne M. Bennett,

THE SILVER CHILD Is an entertaining and compelling read. Ms. Norbeck skillfully blends carefully drawn characters and a riveting plot line into a wild ride for the reader in this, her first YA fantasy novel. Joining forces with her mentor Dr. Martus, the youthful protagonist Maia Starfield takes on the evil Brotherhood, a powerful and sinister force controlling every aspect of life in the dystopian world Maia and her family and friends inhabit. Throughout the course of this epic battle, Maia manages to discover surprising details of her childhood, to harness the powerful forces residing within her, and to carve out a niche for herself in a new world order that she is so instrumental in creating. Be certain to move this novel to the top of your ‘To-Be Read’ list as soon as possible!~dragonslayer,