Creative Revolutionaries

creative revolutionaries

Your time has come.

You know you’re a creative person, whether anyone’s ever called you that or not (and even if they’ve tried to tell you you’re not). You know there are things inside you waiting to be expressed and shared with the world, whether those things are painting, dance, baking, problem-solving, photography, writing, or anything else that lives within you and wants to be shared with the world.

You also know something’s keeping you from doing it, and you’re frustrated. Maybe it’s something thoughtless someone said to you when you shared your passion with them. Maybe it’s a wound from childhood. Maybe it’s just the belief that it’s impossible, because no serious person really wants to, say, make Star Wars cakes (and who would actually want them?).

First of all, there are plenty of people who want Star Wars cakes. Second… all those other naysaying voices in your head are wrong, too.

Being “serious” isn’t what life is about. And neither is being miserable. Realizing one or both of these things, though… that’s REVOLUTIONARY.

We think of revolution as something that instantly changes the world, often with violence and bloodshed, but as Victor Hugo said, “You can resist an invading army; you cannot resist an idea whose time has come.”

Victor Hugo quote

Revolution from Within

Revolution starts inside you. It may start small, not like something that seems worthy of the term “revolution” at all, but or it may seem enormous and overwhelming. Either way, it changes your life and then the lives of those around you. All you need is the courage to take the first step, and a supportive environment to help you make it happen.

That’s where Creative Revolutionaries comes in. Whether you have support from friends and family already or not, there’s nothing like the experience of taking these steps for yourself and your dreams in the company of others who are on the same path, even if their dreams aren’t the same as yours.

Nothing will help you realize that you’re actually normal, even with all your blocks and disbelief, like being around other people who are going through the same process. And as much as friends and family may want to be helpful, if they’re not in the mix with you, they probably won’t entirely understand what you’re experiencing.

I really threw a lot at you! and you responded so very helpfully. I just wanted to thank you again for your insight and vision.

Emily T.

Coming Alive

As Howard Thurman famously said, “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” And far too many of us have not.

Howard Thurman quote

As someone who has only recently started finding her way back to the solo singing that she shut down as a child in order to survive (more on that below), one thing I can tell you for absolutely sure is that NOTHING will make you feel more alive than igniting your own revolution to regain the creative life you’ve never fully engaged with. The energy it creates feels like the energy of life itself (and I believe that’s because it IS.)

Plus, being around others means you get to share ideas and resources that you probably wouldn’t have access to in a vacuum. There’s potential for networking and idea-boosting that doesn’t exist outside a creative community.

Nancy does a wonderful job of giving practical and inspirational guidance on shifting the energy in our lives and moving toward a life of joy!

Marianne Cirone

Why Work with Me?

I’ve spent the last 45 years desperately wanting to sing, but being too terrified to get up and do it. I could sing in choirs (where I could hide) but after being bullied as a 5-year-old, singing on my own felt like inviting my own death, no matter how much I knew it was not actually going to kill me (we’re talking panic attacks here).

Nancy Norbeck

That’s more than four decades of the most phenomenal torture of knowing I wanted to do something—and that I could do that thing, and do it well, only to be defeated by my own psyche, and my body’s freeze reaction (which I eventually realized is a trauma reaction).

That deeply conflicted feeling of knowing you should be doing something, but aren’t, is hell on earth. I finally found the courage just this year to start singing online (hello, TikTok!), which inspired me to start talking voice lessons for the first time in 25 years.

The funny thing about that? Despite all those years of torture, I was still astonished to discover just how much more alive I felt once I started doing what I really love again and putting it into the world.

Crazy, right? But that’s how our brains work—when we shut off the parts of ourselves that someone belittled or degraded, we forget how we felt when they were still a part of us. We forget how it feels to really be alive in ourselves. And then we’re surprised when we rediscover that feeling.

Because I’ve been through this process, I don’t want anyone else to have to go through it—or to have to stay in it any longer than they absolutely have to. I do want you to come back to life and reclaim the parts of yourself that you lost, just like I have. And because I’m a Master Certified Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach, I have the tools and insight to help you make that happen.

How It Works

We’ll meet for six weeks, starting June 16, on Wednesdays at 7pm EDT (convert to your time zone here, via Zoom, and will also have an online space where you can connect, share stories, and ask questions in between.

Each week I’ll start with a theme to focus on for the week, and then we’ll look at what’s going on with you—your questions, struggles, and concerns. Themes will be chosen based on what the group needs, but may include:

  • Being “ready”
  • Taking your power back
  • Protecting your creativity
  • Giving yourself permission
  • You are enough!
  • Giving feedback (to yourself and others)
  • The power of showing up
  • Giving yourself credit
  • and more!

Your investment: $400.

What you get

  • Six one-hour sessions with me and your fellow Creative Revolutionaries (these will be recorded and available for download)
  • Weekly themes
  • Next steps based on your own situation from a Master Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach
  • A safe online space for exploration, sharing, and collaboration
  • A network of supportive fellow Revolutionaries
  • New friendships and connections
  • More confidence in yourself and your creative dreams
  • Creative momentum and enthusiasm
  • A stronger inner connection with yourself and your intuition
  • The energy of being ALIVE as you reconnect with lost parts of yourself
  • Tools you’ll be able to use forever
  • Change that will last a lifetime

Coming back to life—as your true, whole creative self—is a truly priceless undertaking. You can do it—and you’re worth it!

Nancy was the most supportive instructor I have had for an online class. Her material was current and creative. When things were posted on our special Facebook page she always commented with something positive. I felt supported and free to post my writings, sensing I would not be judged in any way. This course is for anyone who needs to see their creative self in a different light.

Jamie Lyn Weaver