Empowering Authors with Michael Dolan

Michael Dolan
Michael Dolan

Writer, editorial director, and publisher Michael Dolan was a math whiz before he fell in love with writing and journalism in high school. After a career in magazine publishing and working as a professional writer, he decided to start Winding Road Stories, which aims not only to publish new authors, but to help those authors build a writing career. Michael tells me about his start in publishing, how ghostwriting led to the idea for Winding Road, why he wants writers to collaborate and help each other become the best they can be, and more.

Episode breakdown:

[00:05:10] Passion drives pursuit of creativity and skill.

[00:07:58] How kids develop bad writing habits from school.

[00:17:32] Unexpected career in publishing.

[00:26:07] Michael becomes a successful freelance writer.

[00:30:43] Career adapted to changing world, balancing independence.

[00:39:13] Michael starts a successful ghostwriting business.

[00:46:29] Print on demand revolutionizes book publishing.

[00:51:25] Obsession with “Get Back” documentary, collaboration.

[00:56:32] Incredible professor emphasized collaboration in journalism.

[01:00:53] Collaboration, support, and rewarding journey of creativity.

“How to Say Nothing in 500 Words” by Paul McHenry Roberts

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