Happy Accidents with Anthony Wilson

Anthony Wilson

Anthony Wilson’s varied pursuits almost all came to him accidentally: he is a teacher, composer, and writer—in fact, he co-authored the Doctor Who-related book BOOKWYRM with previous guest Robert Smith?. In this conversation, he shares his accidental path to teaching and writing, how he dealt with the worst criticism he’s ever encountered as a musician, and what we can learn from kids. We also talked about the importance of structure and how YOU are the most important audience for your work.

(Note: In October 2020, Robert transitioned and is now known as Stacey Smith? Because of the quantity of material predating the transition, Stacey has chosen to credit Robert for items before October 2020.)

If no one had permission to write music, write a book, or audition for a play, the world would have no music, no books, and no theatre–and then what would be the point of all the maths and the science?

Anthony Wilson

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Anthony is not on social media, but you can check out his book with Robert Smith? here:

BOOKWYRM: An Unauthorized Unconventional Look at the Doctor Who Novels, Vol. 1 (Signed copies)

BOOKWYRM: An Unauthorized Unconventional Look at the Doctor Who Novels, Vol. 1 (Unsigned copies; waiting list for new print run)

Other things we mentioned:

The Memory Palace podcast

The article I mentioned about great books that got bad reviews, which helped me get through my own bad review experience.


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