Asking Ourselves “Why Not?” with Robert Shearman

Welcome to the first episode of the Follow Your Curiosity podcast! I’m thrilled to be starting off with two fabulous—and very different—interviews.

First up is Robert Shearman, author of numerous books and dramatic pieces for stage, TV, and radio. I met Rob at Regeneration Who in March and we talked about everything from how he started writing to the process of turning a Doctor Who audio play written very much for adults into a television episode half the original length that an 8-year-old could follow, and more. (Warning: spoilers within for “Dalek” and “The Chimes of Midnight”!)

Rob also has some great insights into how writing works for him, and some others you’ll have heard of, like Neil Gaiman and the late, great Douglas Adams.

The best thing ever to ask yourself as a writer: You keep on hitting this voice saying to you, “Well, you can’t do that,” and say, “Why not?”

Robert Shearman

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