Comedy and Teamwork with Marc Kaye

Marc Kaye

Marc Kaye Marc Kaye calls himself a “restless creative”—a musician, writer, and comedian who loves to tell stories and make people laugh. He also, through his company, VitalConex, uses those skills to help develop the vital connections needed for focused, united teams and creative problem solving. Marc tells me how—and why—he took the leap into… Continue reading Comedy and Teamwork with Marc Kaye

Creative Pep Talk #72: Listen

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It seems like the simplest, most obvious thing, but the fact is, we don't always listen. Changing that could change your life. I'll tell you more in this short episode. Want more tips? Check out this playlist with all my previous Creative Pep Talks! Please leave a review, and in it, tell us about a… Continue reading Creative Pep Talk #72: Listen