Celebrating Five Years of FYC with Nancy Norbeck

Nancy Norbeck
Nancy Norbeck
Nancy Norbeck

On January 3, 2019, I took a huge leap and launched the Follow Your Curiosity podcast. Five years later, to no one’s amazement as much as mine, I’m still going strong. I wanted to look back at what I’ve learned since 2019, so I asked my friend Domenic Sciortino, who interviewed me back then, to come back and do it again. Together, we look at how the show got started, what initially gave me the idea for a podcast, what curiosity is, who my “dream guest” might be, why you should start where you are, and more. 

Episode breakdown:

00:00 Amazed by 5-year podcast journey, started spontaneously.

06:34 Audio editing discovery: listen while doing tasks.

08:19 Podcasting with a full-time job.

12:41 To run ads, or not to run ads?

15:37 Curiosity is asking questions, being connected, wanting to know more.

19:51 Prepare questions but have a natural conversation.

20:56 Explore unexpected places in conversation, be flexible.

27:02 Embracing uncertainty.

29:36 Sometimes things just fall into place.

32:13 Go-to interview example of the podcast.

36:33 Emphasis on untold stories, expanding podcast.

38:02 Creating 1 on 1 program to reconnect creatively.

42:21 How a story about Sam Neill led to the podcast idea.

45:04 Choosing authenticity over conforming to others’ expectations.

47:44 Overcoming doubts, starting small leads to success.

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