Happily Homeless with Alison Miller

Alison Miller

Alison Miller describes herself as an uncertain adventurer and determined warrior goddess, and as you’ll hear in this interview, she’s earned both titles. Alison has lived on the road on her own since the death of her husband six and a half years ago, following her own inner compass the entire way. She’s crossed the country eight times, carrying the names of those loved by people around the world on her pink teardrop trailer, seeking out love and adventure as she goes. She listens only to her own guidance, discovering that there are no mistakes that can’t be corrected, and that love really is everywhere. Recently, she’s been making a documentary about her journey, which she plans to show as she continues her travels.

Alison Miller is a remarkable spirit, “Happily Homeless,” as she calls herself online, and one whose story will stay with you for a while.

Don’t wait. Don’t wait till you feel better. Don’t wait till you heal. You don’t have to wait for any of that. Just go and do it. Face your greatest fear.

Alison Miller

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An Odyssey of Love

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