Inspiration and Originality with Cindy Lynn Speer

Cindy Lynn Speer
Cindy Lynn Speer

Novelist Cindy Lynn Speer is one of my dearest writing friends. We met online years ago, and instantly bonded over our love of language and writing. We’ve never sat down and actually had a face-to-face conversation about writing, though—until now.

Cindy Lynn is the author of five novels and a short story collection. We talk about how she got started with writing, what she’s done in the publishing world along the way to getting her own books into print, the myths and realities of our ideas around what’s original and what isn’t, who ideas “belong” to, and a lot more. Cindy’s new book, The Key to All Things, is available on July 25th.

“You have to constantly feed the muse. Everything you do, everything you experience, goes into the back of the head.”

Cindy Lynn Speer

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