My Own Creative Journey with Nancy Norbeck

Instead of our usual coaching call, this month I’m bringing you an unusual interview—it’s with me. My guest this week is…me! I asked Domenic Sciortino to interview me, since it seemed only fair to turn the tables on myself, and to give you a chance to get to know me a little better. There’s a lot here about my history with writing and music, the folks who inspire me and encouraged me, and even my favorite song. He asked some really challenging questions. I hope you enjoy getting to hear me in the hot seat for a change.

The only thing that’s important is that you’re doing it and you’re having fun with it. You got to play with these characters, you got to sing this song–that’s the important part.

Nancy Norbeck

Show Links:

The Silver Child

“Uncle Fred Flits By” is, alas, not available to read online. There’s a dramatization from the 50s here, but nothing beats the actual narration, which you can find in a variety of anthologies (not an affiliate link).

Queen Latifah sings my favorite version of Billy Strayhorn’s exquisite “Lush Life”

Find Inspiration Anywhere: the exercise I mentioned that will help you do just that. Click here to download.


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