Noticing Our Patterns with Kate Chapman

Kate Chapman
Kate Chapman

Kate Chapman knew at a young age that Broadway was “the answer” to where she wanted to be. She made it, though it wasn’t easy, with performances ranging from Les Mis to the Radio City Christmas Spectacular. In the last decades she’s become more and more interested in helping others with their health, via both health and life coaching, though she doesn’t think she’ll ever stop singing. We talk about how she kept hope alive while waiting for her big break, how her own health journey led her to coaching, and how the health system is often stacked against consumers. Kate even sings a song for us—And we fangirl over Martha Beck and Elizabeth Gilbert a little, too. 

I loved the feeling of when an audience got to be transported. I loved the way that the room changed how it felt, and then I was a part of that. That’s the drug. That’s what I kept always going back for—to be in that room, and to feel the molecules shift.

Kate Chapman

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