Psychology and Writing with Sarah Fine

Sarah Fine
Sarah Fine
Sarah Fine

Urban fantasy author Sarah Fine, who writes psychological thrillers as SF Kosa, is a clinical psychologist as well as a novelist. As a result, she has a lot to say about the amateur psychology and observational skills writers tend to possess, as well as what she will and won’t do in portraying aspects of mental health in her books. In addition, we also talk about the psychology of the creative process, from artificial pressure to “write every day” to how the unconscious can do a lot of heavy lifting for us as we try to navigate a difficult question or creative block in our process…and even just why it is that characters often seem to escape the control of their authors.

Sarah’s latest book, The Night We Burned, comes out on August 10th.

I think there’s something so wonderful about creating. It’s sad if somebody would deny themselves that pleasure because they’re afraid it’ll never get them anywhere.

Sarah Fine

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