The Power of Mentorship with Tara Thieleke

Tara Thieleke
Tara Thieleke

Tara Thieleke’s art roots go back to her childhood, where two of her art teachers planted the seeds not only of the importance of art, but also of what kind of person she wanted to be. She’s been actively making and sharing art ever since, even though her path to school teaching took a few detours.

Tara tells us about those two teachers, what she’s learned from her students, how she applies improv’s “Yes, and…” mantra to her teaching and her life, and more.

I think that I think saying yes when your instinct is to say no really opens you up as a person, and gets you to try new things, try bigger, harder things than you thought you would try, and gets you to collaborate more with other people and learn from other people.

Tara Thieleke

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