The Unexpected Path to Opera with Dale Travis

Dale Travis

My guest this week is opera singer Dale Travis, who has performed with companies all over the world in a career he never imagined as a child. Dale always loved to sing, but went to school for football. When an injury thwarted that plan, he auditioned for the choir, setting him on an unexpected path. We talk about his surprising leap to opera, how he lets the text and music teach him how to perform a character, the future of opera, and more. (And I promise you don’t have to be an opera fan to follow along!) Here’s my conversation with Dale Travis.

“It’s not just the conductor and the director, it’s the orchestra and the stage hands and the technical things that are flying around. I mean, there’s a lot going on, and for it to all come together, it’s really something special, and when it does, it’s the greatest art form in the world.”

Dale Travis

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Dallas Opera’s production of Tosca, featuring Dale as the Sacristan, available for free online through March 27, 2021.


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