The Wildly Improbable Ideas of Douglas Adams with Kevin Jon Davies

Kevin Jon Davies
Kevin Jon Davies

Director, animator, and author Kevin Jon Davies grew up enthralled by Doctor Who and Spike Milligan’s The Goon Show. When he discovered the original Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy radio show, it seemed like the best of both worlds. Before long, he was doing animation for the TV series. Kevin tells me how he got into animation, how he moved from animation into directing—including directing 30th anniversary documentaries for both Doctor Who and Hitchhiker’s in the same year—and all about the process of writing his new book, 42: The Wildly Improbable Ideas of Douglas Adams. 

Episode breakdown:

[00:07:22] Learning to direct through osmosis on set. Enjoyed being with others in live action. Lucky breaks in animation and directing.

[00:14:58] Early Doctor Who, Spike Milligan’s comedy influence.

[00:17:53] Douglas Adams: famous for procrastinating.

[00:24:42] Making 30 Years in the TARDIS.

[00:28:48] The BBC’s unfortunate habit of throwing things away.

[00:32:32] The Alchemists of Sound documentary and unsung genius Delia Derbyshire.

[00:39:20] Complex copyright issues for BBC staff artists.

[00:43:06] Following in Douglas Adams’s footsteps while researching the new book.

[00:50:31] Adams’s an increasing interest in science toward the end of his life.

[00:55:48] Last Chance to See.

[01:03:02] Adams’s untimely death, and the continued celebration of his work.

[01:08:05] Readers’ sense of connection with Adams’s work.

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