“The Wisdom of Morrie” with Rob Schwartz

Morrie and Rob Schwartz
Morrie and Rob Schwartz

My guest this week is Rob Schwartz—journalist, music/film producer, entrepreneur, and son of the late Morrie Schwartz of Tuesdays with Morrie fame. Rob has founded a number of companies, both in Japan and the US, and has produced numerous film and music projects with international teams.

Rob and I talk about his experiences in Japan and India, and how travel enhances creativity, and the role of listening in language learning and the influence of language on thinking and behavior. Rob also tells me about The Wisdom of Morrie, his father’s last book, which encourage readers to challenge stereotypes and find fulfillment in later stages of life. I think you’ll enjoy my wide-ranging conversation with Rob Schwartz.

Episode breakdown:

[00:03:28] Moving to Japan requires commitment, effort, and learning the language.

[00:08:47] Japan: Disciplined, delicate society with polite etiquette. India: Wonder of world, diverse culturally and geographically.

[00:12:52] Key to learning language: listen, imitate directly.

[00:19:11] Different languages shape different worldviews and personalities.

[00:26:46] French invasion led to mingling of languages.

[00:32:58] Morrie’s book found after many years, gets published.

[00:40:20] “Fighting ageism and living a fulfilling life.”

[00:48:02] Psychoanalysis exists in many social milieus.

[00:51:40] Mother’s influence shaped Morrie’s writing and career.

[00:55:52] The irony of Morrie’s posthumous fame, and the joy of his legacy.

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