Conservatory vs. College with D’Anna Fortunato

D’Anna Fortunato
Photo by Susan Wilson

My guest today is a highly acclaimed mezzo-soprano who has sung a wide variety of music and operatic roles. She has performed at venues including Carnegie Hall and Tanglewood, with conductors including Leonard Bernstein. I met D’Anna Fortunato when I was a junior at Bucknell, and she joined us to perform Aaron Copland’s “In the Beginning,” which I also discussed with Dr. William Payn in our last episode. D’Anna joined me to talk about her own musical journey, including the difference between a university music program and conservatory, the value of doing your artistic homework, and what she’s learned from teaching and encouraging the creative spirit. I’ve included some links to her performances in the show notes below, so be sure to check them out!

“Everything came together, and it leaves a big imprint when that happens. Thank god for it. Then we have something to carry with us.

D’Anna Fortunato

Show links

D’Anna’s website:

Here are a few of D’Anna’s performances to get you started. There are plenty more on YouTube!


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