Making Mischief with David Spencer

David Spencer

David Spencer is the creative force behind the Mischief Factory, where he seeks to create fun and adventure through art and illustration. He recently illustrated a new children’s book, The Epic Adventures of Huggie and Stick, and also draws his own clever characters as well as commissioned and fandom-based art.

Dave embodies the ideas of mischief and fun, and has more creative energy than almost anyone I’ve ever met. We talk about how he got started in illustration, as well as impostor syndrome, how he fits his art into his busy schedule, and how he interacts with kids, both to fuel his own work and to encourage theirs. (Dave is basically a big kid himself, which helps!)

Keep a touchstone when it comes to to where you started and where you want to stay. I always want to stay in that area of being just like a little kid.

David Spencer

Show links:

The Mischief Factory Check out Dave’s original, fandom, and commissioned art here

The Epic Adventures of Huggie and Stick

Dave’s Instagram and Twitter



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