Being “Good Enough” with Lela Rohrer Stech

Lela Rohrer Stech

Lela Rohrer Stech is an artist based in New York. Lela’s work is playful and fun, and so is she. You’ll hear us talk about one painting I could see in the background, from a distance, and I’ve included a photo of that painting below so you can see it, too.) In addition to her art, we talk about what she learned from living abroad, and how everything we learn somehow manages to come together in a useful way over time.

Here’s the painting we talked about, which is called “Rise.”

“There’s a fine line between ‘Oh, this is good enough’—but it really is terrible—and ‘This is good enough because I put my all into it, and if I do any more with it, I’m overworking it, and it’s time to let it go.’”

Lela Rohrer Stech

Show links:

Selway Studios

Lela’s Instagram


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