Finding a True Path with Michelle Ward

Michelle Ward

Michelle Ward, aka the When I Grow Up Coach, has literally made a career out of staying true to herself, and helping others do the same. Michelle’s dream from childhood was to be on Broadway, but after graduating from NYU’s Tisch School and going to audition after audition, she realized to her dismay that it was not likely to happen for her. She decided she needed to find something that worked for her—that was true to her creative spirit and fed her soul—and that she wanted to help others do the same. She joined me to tell her story and how it’s led her to something unexpectedly perfect for her, and what she learned along the way, from the power of authenticity when auditioning to figuring out what else might meet her creative goals when acting fell through.

Sometimes courage is just dealing with the hand you’re dealt, and sometimes you get to make the choice and say, “Yes, I want that hand,” and sometimes you don’t.

Michelle Ward

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