The Gifts of Creativity with Dr. Kelly Flanagan

Welcome to the second inaugural episode of the Follow Your Curiosity podcast!

My second interview is with Dr. Kelly Flanagan, psychologist, blogger, and author of the wonderful book Loveable: Embracing What is Truest About You So You Can Truly Embrace Your Life, which I read a little more than a year ago. It’s an astonishingly moving book that left me feeling like someone had figured out exactly what I needed to hear—or, in some cases, hear again.

Kelly has some great insights into why following our creative passions is even more important than you might have thought, and how doing the things we love can change our lives to a degree we might never have imagined.

The amount of energy that people spend trying to convince their family members that their true self is good, worthy, and acceptable—that’s all energy that’s meant to be going into creativity.  

Dr. Kelly Flanagan

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